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Creating a Coordinated Community Response during COVID-19

By March 17, 2020No Comments

Yesterday afternoon, we hosted a conference call with our police partners, community service providers, and neighborhood leaders in North Columbia. The goal was to create space for a coordinated community response.

Open dialogue is a critical tool for ensuring access to resources during the #coronavirus response. Here are a few tips for others interested in building partnerships during #covid19:

1) What areas or communities are likely to experience the greatest needs during coronavirus? Identify leaders or gatekeepers who can serve as a bridge between people in need and available resources.

2) What service providers are involved in addressing basic needs? Who are the bridge builders? We were proud to connect with Richland Library, Prisma Health-Midlands, United Way of the Midlands, and Harvest Hope Food Bank as a starting point.

3) How can you create a space for ongoing dialogue during this crisis? For us, we developed an online contact list to make it easier for people to connect. We also set up a weekly check-in space.

How are you building partnerships during this time? We’d love to hear from you. And, if you would like some support on next steps in your community, feel free to reach out –