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Camden’s Lt. Penny Lloyd Makes an Impact

By October 24, 2019No Comments

Take a look at this testimonial from a Camden police officer who used Greg’s Groceries to make a difference in a family’s life, spark positive change in the community, and show us that, Together We Are Better! 

When Lieutenant Penny Lloyd heard news of that a citizen she knew was trespassed from a grocery store for trying to steal meat she knew she had to help. Lt. Lloyd began thinking of ways she could help the woman and her family, and reached out to Serve & Connect. “The Community Oriented Policing Team came together and gathered a big box of food from the local food pantry and two boxes of Greg’s Groceries from Serve & Connect,” shared Lt. Lloyd. 

With the food all packed up, Lt. Lloyd set out to deliver the goods to the woman and her family. When she pulled up to the house, the woman happened to be sitting on her porch. When the woman noticed that Lieutenant Lloyd was holding a piece of paper, she asked if she was in trouble again. 

Lloyd laughed and said, “The real trouble is that you didn’t call us and tell us you needed help.” 

Once the woman saw three boxes of food in Lt. Lloyd’s car, she started to cry. Even Lt. Lloyd shed some tears too. “She took me inside her modest home and showed me her refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. They were totally bare. This family also has a 3 week old baby and frequently care daily and overnight for a niece and nephew, ages 7 and 8.” 

As Lt. Lloyd was getting ready to leave an elderly gentleman from down the street stopped by the house to drop off a bag of chips. He told Lt. Lloyd he was happy she brought them more food so the family did not just have to eat the chips. 

When Lt. Lloyd left she knew the family needed more help. She rallied the COP Team and re-loaded her patrol SUV with food, toiletries, formula, and diapers. When she came back to the house to drop off more supplies, everyone was crying. 

“As a police officer it is important for us to generate new and creative ways to enhance community outreach, plant seeds of trust, move into crime prevention, and bring all of these objectives in a full circle in a positive way,” said Lieutenant Lloyd. “True, she had a tough past and was known to us. But she is trying to change. WE will be there to help her do that!”