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Meet Sgt. Alia Paramore, our #WonderWomanWednesday for this week! She is a 13-year vet with the City of Greenville, SC Police Department.

A neat fact about Alia? She recently participated in a pageant! We asked her why: “I’ve been in combat boots and kevlar for a decade. When I’m out of [my uniform], I don’t do anything fancy. I just want to be comfortable. So, I decided to go for it. Embracing my femininity is something I have thrown away. So, I did it. It was awkward at first. It was like a baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time in heels,” She shared.

But there is an even deeper reason why she participated and it has to do with her passion for fighting human trafficking: “People don’t want to talk to the uniform. I have found that to be especially true when talking to victims, a uniform is something that a lot of people don’t feel is safe. They don’t trust it, especially when it comes to victims of sex trafficking. We are the last person they want to talk to. I figured doing pageants can allow me to present myself as something else. I’m not just a cop. You might think that, because I am a cop, people would just talk to me, the gates would open up, but it doesn’t. They need to see you as something other than a cop. It’s about trust building. Whatever I can do to help those situations, I will do it no matter how ridiculous I may look in the process.”

Bravo to Sgt. Paramore! We don’t think you look ridiculous at all – we think you look like a hero!